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Welcome to Viatech Engineering

Viatech Engineering Ltd. of Hong Kong and one of its subsidiaries, Viatech of Canada Ltd. are established in 1987.   We are specialists in ship building and modification works, and have since established subsidiaries in South East Asia and Australia.

During the construction of the new Hong Kong International Airport before 1997, our company designed and delivered 49 self-propelled split hopper barges.   After successfully completing this project, we began to undertake projects across the world.  For example, we undertook and successfully completed a maintenance dredging project along the Fraser River, Vancouver, Canada.

Since then, our company has undergone diversification to explore business opportunities in South-East Asia.  Dredging Technology (Singapore) Pte Ltd was set up in 1995, and has been active in identification and purchasing of suitable capital equipments related to marine engineering.  One of the latest activities of DTS was the acquisition of a cutter dredger, 'Sea Diamond'.   In 1997, we have extended our business to the southern hemisphere, Dredging Technology (Australia) Pte Ltd was established.  In the same year, DTS (Aust) successfully acquired the trailer suction hopper dredger 'A.M. Vella'.

Dredging is our business!